Diabetes management made simple

Cost Effective
Get a Bluetooth meter and test strips PLUS personalized diabetes coaching – all for less than a co-pay.
Supplies are delivered direct to your door. No insurance, no prescriptions, no appointments, and no hassles.
Personalized Care
Your personal diabetes coach is available 24/7 to answer all your questions and help you reach your goals.

What do I get?

Get Your Kit

One Drop | Chrome includes: Bluetooth glucometer, lancing device, carry case, test strips, and 10 lancets.
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Pick Your Plan

Based on how often you check, pick the Premium or Plus plan that's right for you.
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Lower Your Numbers

Every plan includes One Drop | Experts. Contact your coach and start lowering your A1C right away!
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Clinical Results

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- 1.0% eA1c

People with diabetes (N=146, A1c ≥ 7.5%) improved average blood glucose by -27 mg/dL (eA1c = -1.00%) in 1 month of using One Drop | Experts coaching.

Osborn CY, van Ginkel JR, Rodbard D, et al. One Drop | Mobile: An evaluation of hemoglobin A1c improvement linked to app engagement. JMIR Diabetes. 2017;2(2):e21.

- 1.3% A1c

People with diabetes (N = 146, A1c ≥ 7.5%) improved A1c by up to 1.32% in 3 months of using with One Drop | Experts coaching.

Kumar S, Moseson H, Uppal J, Osborn CY, Heyman M, Juusola J. Impact of a diabetes mobile app with in-app coaching on glycemic control (63LB). American Diabetes Association’s 77th Scientific Sessions. 2017; San Diego, CA.

Get one. Give Ten.

For every subscription purchased, One Drop donates 10 coaching subscriptions to people in need.

Customer Reviews

It has been helpful to have one on one encouragement. I really don't have anyone close that understands the daily struggle of trying to balance meds, food and activity and stay within a boundary of numbers. But the greatest thing is One Drop. Since I started using it last March my A1C dropped from 8.0% to yesterday's lab test of 6.7%. The lowest I have been since diagnosed almost 15 years ago. It's easy to take with me on the go and it's accurate. – L.U. (10/7/17)
I have some excellent news to share. I just did my A1C yesterday and I'm down 2.3%. From 7.7 on May 13 to 5.4. I joined One Drop on May 27th. I know for a fact that using the App has changed my life. My doctor said I can stop taking the one med I was taking. Could you get a word to Jeff thank him for me for developing this app. I'm so happy!!!!! – L.B. (9/10/17)
Diabetes is so much less stressful with One Drop! Thank you!!! It doesn't have to be a guessing game with my BG levels and I can know in seconds what I'm feeling = BG. I used to get SO stressed using limited, prescription, expensive strips. One Drop is amazing! One Drop gives me more numbers (more BG data) but it is less stressful because I get to see the big picture instead of each number. – K.E. (10/17/17)

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